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Show our ply separator for you!

Apr. 12, 2018

1) The new type ply seperator is used for belts splitting, cut thick belt into thin belt.

2)Belts can be divided into two layers, three layers, or four layers, etc.

3) This design of the appearance is more safe for operators. Compared with the old type, the conveyor belt can be splitted more easier .It can achieve accurate stratification with the accurate scale.

4) Layered thickness accuracy can reach 1mm. Layering blade Hard alloy steel knife Controller Positive inversion control box Switch Pedal switch, Foot pedal Splitting thickness

Honglong offers the latest technology to create a superior endless splice typically in less than 10 minutes. All necessary components are compactly self contained, making the press easy to use, store, and transport.

We supply belt splitting machine at low price. More details via www.holobelt.com

belt splitting machine

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