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The advantages of high frequency welding machine

May. 17, 2018

Advantages of high frequency welding machine:

1. The high safety coefficient: no flammable gas, security of life and property is guaranteed;

2, energy saving and environmental protection. Welding process, no carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases, due to the use of electricity, compared with acetylene, gasoline, oxygen, LPG and other gases, greatly reduce the cost, at least a month to save several thousand dollars.

3.High efficiency and low cost. Traditional braze welding is low temperature, heat radiation, welding costly, there is a risk of explosion. Plasma brazing welding flame temperature can be regulated, soldering temperature can reach over 2000 degrees, high stability, is more than twice the speed of acetylene welding. Sustainable welding twelve hours.

4, Easy to carry. Due to the weight of a whole host is only a few kilograms, the volume is small, no acetylene bottles, oxygen bottles, ideal for outdoor or harsh conditions HF Welder and environmental work.

As a professional hf welding machine manufacturer, HOLO can produce cleat, sidewall welding machine, high frequency welding machine with high quality and competitive price.

The advantages of high frequency welding machine

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