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How To Buy A Conveyor Belt Joint Machine

Sep. 07, 2018

Classification of Conveyor Belt Joint Machine According to different cutting methods, automatic cutting machines can be divided into laser cutting machines, water knife cutting machines, metal knife cutting machines and the like. At present, the automatic cutting machines mainly used in the sewing industry are laser cutting machines and metal knife cutting machines, among which the metal cutting machines are the most widely used. According to the height of the cutting layer, the automatic cutting machine is divided into high, medium and low conveyor belt Slitting machine. The height limits of the first two are 7 cm and 5 cm respectively (layer height after vacuum adsorption). Taking the automatic cutting machine of Yi Neng Technology as an example, the KP-N automatic cutting machine is mainly for the garment industry, and the KP-Y automatic cutting machine is mainly for the automobile industry. Among them, Yi Neng Technology computer cutting machine also has the distinction of high, medium and low cutting bed to meet the needs of different customers.

Conveyor Belt Joint Machine

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