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Adopt Integrated Design For PU PE Belt Vulcanizer

Sep. 25, 2018

We adopt integrated design for our PU PE Belt Vulcanizer, air-cooled PVC/PU tape vulcanizer for width: 300mm-1500mm; conveyor belt for PVC, thermoplastic tape material; portable, lightweight, using standard air packaging, Convenient for all kinds of field use; fast bonding, heating time plus cooling time of no more than 12 minutes; integrated design of our Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer: integrated air cooling system and built-in air compressor. Ensure fast cooling, automatic pressurization, No need for any pumps or other air compressors; reliable automatic temperature control, and time control, air pressure controllers that display current pressure.

We also provide else machine, includes Belt Joint Machine, Conveyor Belt Joint Machine and so on. We are the professional Conveyor Belt Splicing Press Manufacturer, for the more information, please contact us at any time.

Belt Vulcanizer

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