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Operating procedures of the new HF welding machine

Jan. 26, 2018

Step1: The guide bar filled with skirt-shaped mold of high frequency welding machine.

Step2: When the guide strip filling is completed, put the mold flat inverted on the belt.

Step3: Press the "H F ON" button, high frequency welding machine began to weld automatically. Then the screen pointer changes. At the same time HF welding machine began to fight.

Step4: After the fuselage is completed, remove the mold and belt, and pull the belt from the mold.

Step5: When the guide bar defended completed, remove the belt to view if the welding effect is qualified. Be ready to cycle operation in order to complete the entire strip guide bar.

In addition to conventional high-frequency drive power takeover work outside, you still need an air compressor to assist.

We can provide welding machines include V guide welding machine, profile welding machine, high frequency welding machine and so on.

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