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The main advantages of high frequency welding machine

Jan. 19, 2018

1. High safety factor: No flammable gas, the life and property security.

2. Energy saving: In the welding process does not produce carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. In addition the electricity compared with acetylene, gasoline, oxygen, LPG and other gases, it can greatly reduce the cost of saving at least tens of thousands money per month.

3. High efficiency and low cost: The traditional brazing welding temperature is low. High frequency welding machine flame temperature can be controlled, the welding temperature can reach more than 2000 degrees, high stability, acetylene welding speed is more than twice. Sustainable welding for twelve hours.

4. Easy to carry: As the entire host weighs only a few kilos, the volume is small, so it does not need acetylene bottles, oxygen bottles, ideal for outdoor or harsh environmental conditions.

We can provide welding machines such as v guide welding machine, profile welding machine, high frequency welding machine, hf welding machine, sidewall welding machine and cleat welding machine.

high frequency welding machine

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