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Talking About The Operation Of Belt Vulcanizer

Dec. 17, 2018

Do you know how to operate the belt vulcanizer? Today,let the professional supplier of Belt Vulcanizer China gives you a brief introduction to its operation.

First tighten the bolts on the four corners of the Belt Vulcanizer, and the tension is the same; on the surface of the original belt on both sides of the formed belt, three sets of four layers of gauze are laid, and the width should be appropriate. Place it on top of the horn. The flat vulcanizing machine has a fixed length of the leading end, and it is suitable to extend the joint length Ls value of 100 mm at both ends in the longitudinal direction; cover the upper hot plate and place the jack. Place the beam and start to pressurize. The two people operate at the same time, and gradually pressurizes in order from one side, and then presses in reverse order to reach the rated pressure; the circuit is turned on once the temperature of the hot plate rises to 135, and the heating is continued. When the temperature of the hot plate reaches 140, it is exhausted again. At this time, the condensed water in the Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer must be drained. When the hot plate temperature reached 145, the vulcanization time was calculated.

Belt Vulcanizer

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