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The main features of profile welding machine

Mar. 13, 2018

This is profile welding machine for analyzing the heat sealing / welding properties of PP and other thermoplastics profiles in different shapes and sizes.

The main features of the profile welding machine are:

1. Electrically operated machine.

2. Pneumatically controlled semi-automatic machine.

3. Clamping jaw suitable for 10 mm diameter or square rod and flat up to 40 mm width.

4. Both the side pneumatically operated cylinder with 50 mm movement.

5. Temperature range up to 225 degree centigrade.

6. Digital timer for horizontal and vertical cylinder operation.

7. Electrical heating equipment to generate 450 degree centigrade temperature.

8. Jaws are special PTFE coated.

9. Sealing jaws fitted with heater.

More details about profile welding machine via www.holobelt.com

profile welding machine

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