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Operation Precautions Of Finger Cut Machine

Jul. 12, 2018

First, the operator conditions

The operator must pass the professional training examination, obtain the operation qualification certificate, and hold the certificate. Familiar with the structure, performance, working principle of the finger cut machine used, the principle of the communication and control integrated system and the inspection test method, the maintenance belt machine will be able to handle the general fault correctly. As for Honglong is one of the leader finger punching machine manufacturer in China, so we should Check it strictly

Second, pay attention during the operation

1. Check the integrity and tightening of each component before operation, and confirm that there is no problem before proceeding.

2. It is strictly forbidden for personnel to take the conveyor belt finger cut machine, and it is not allowed to use the belt conveyor to transport equipment and bulky materials.

3. When the gas concentration in the airflow within 20 meters of the conveyor and the switch is 1.5%, the work must be stopped. Turn off the power and evacuate personnel.

Third, equipment maintenance attention

1. It is forbidden to clean the head and tail drum when the belt conveyor is running.

2. When unloading the drum part of the maintenance head, all power must be cut off first.

3. It is strictly forbidden to directly touch the belt with hands, feet and other parts of the body when handling the belt deviation.

4. When repairing, handling faults or doing other work on the belt conveyor, the control switch of the belt conveyor must be turned off, the warning sign is hung, and the emergency stop button is pressed.

5. Always check the belt machine maintenance record and keep it intact.

Finger Cut Machine

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