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Failure And Elimination Of Hot Press Machine

Aug. 08, 2018

There should be no resistance in the exhaust section. When the factory is equipped with a regular silencer, it is not advisable to change other parts or disassemble, and no other obstructions should be placed next to the exhaust port. For the safe use of the hot press machine, the muffler must be cleaned once a month to ensure unobstructed exhaust. Fault and maintenance. If there is any abnormality such as air leakage or coil heat loss, the electromagnetic double-connected valve should be contacted or replaced immediately. It is required to check the intake and exhaust phenomena of the electromagnetic double-connected valve before each shift. If there is any fault, please check it in time. B air filter pressure reducing valve The air filter pressure reducing valve has the function of filtering and regulating. Before venting, set the pressure value of this valve with a pressure gauge indication. Use this valve to drain regularly. Maintenance and disassembly inspection. The filter of splicing press should be cleaned regularly. When the pressure is adjusted, the pressure will not go up. Check whether the spring is broken. If the break is broken, replace it.

Hot Press Machine

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