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Finger Cut Machine Is Power Equipment

Aug. 23, 2018

Since the reform and opening up, the construction machinery industry has been continuously developed. Our own enterprises have developed and improved in different fields through their own digestion, absorption and innovation.

Power equipment is the key equipment of the enterprise. It has high temperature, high pressure, flammable and toxic factors in operation. It is the key part to ensure safe production. In order to achieve safe and continuous supply of kinetic energy for production, The use and maintenance of Finger Cut Machineshould have special requirements:

(1) Power equipment must not be operated with disease, and any failure must be eliminated in time;

(2) Ensure that all kinds of indicating instruments and safety devices are sensitive and accurate, and regularly check. The backup equipment is complete and reliable;

(3) Conduct preventive tests and seasonal inspections on a regular basis;

(4) The operation operator must be trained in advance and passed the examination;

(5) When there is an abnormal situation during the operation, the duty officer shall urgently handle it according to the operation rules and report to the superior in time;

(6) Must have complete technical information, technical procedures for safe operation and operational records;

(7) Regularly carry out safety education for duty personnel and strictly implement the safety and security system;

(8) The operating personnel of the Cutting Machine should conduct inspections of the wearing machine at any time during the duty period, and must not leave the job at will.

Finger Cut Machine

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