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Working Principle Of Conveyor Belt Splicing Press

Aug. 10, 2018

Conveyor Belt Splicing Press can be divided into two categories according to their transmission characteristics, direct drive and mechanical transmission.

The direct drive type uses the reversible motor to continuously perform the reversing rotation in the forward and reverse directions, thereby driving the flywheel and the screw to rotate, so that the slider moves up and down.

This electric screw press has no separate motor. The stator is fixed on the top of the press frame. The rotor of the motor is part of the flywheel or flywheel of the press. Using the rotating magnetic field of the stator, the rotor, that is, the outer surface of the flywheel, is induced. Electromotive force and current, thereby generating electromagnetic moments. Drive the flywheel and screw to rotate. There is an air gap between the stator and the flywheel, and there is no contact transfer energy between the main transmission components, so it is called contactless transmission.

The development of the belt joint machine is carried out simultaneously with the development of industrial technology. Our company is a professional press equipment manufacturer with rich experience and welcome to exchange and cooperation.

Conveyor Belt Splicing Press

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