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Composition Of Profile Welding Machine

Aug. 29, 2018

1. Welding power supply, its output power and welding characteristics should be matched with the welding method to be used, and the interface connected with the main controller is installed.

2, wire feeder and its control and speed control system, for the wire feed speed control accuracy requirements higher wire feeder, its control circuit should add speed feedback

3. The Profile Welding Machine head uses its moving mechanism, which consists of a welding machine head, a welding head support frame, a hanging type carriage, etc., and is used in a precision welding head mechanism. The drive system should adopt a servo motor equipped with an encoder.

4. Weldment movement or displacement mechanism, such as welding roller frame, head and tail frame turning machine, rotary platform and positioner, etc., precision moving position mechanism should be equipped with servo motor drive

5, weldment clamping mechanism

6. The main controller, also known as the system controller, is mainly used for linkage control of each component, control of welding procedures, setting, adjustment and display of main welding parameters. Control functions such as troubleshooting and man-machine dialogue can be expanded as necessary.

7, computer software, computer software commonly used in Welding Machine: programming software, functional software, process software and expert systems, etc.

8, welding head guiding or tracking mechanism, arc pressure automatic controller, welding gun yaw and monitoring system

9. Auxiliary devices, such as wire feeding system, circulating water cooling system, flux recovery and conveying device, wire holder, cable hose and drag chain mechanism structure design electrical control design three parts.

10. Welding robots, also known as robotic arms, are an important part of automated welding equipment. Its main tasks include: welding, cutting, thermal spraying, handling, etc.

Profile Welding Machine

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