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How much do you know about cleat welding machine?

Apr. 22, 2018

Our cleat welding machine have HF power outputs from 5kW to 50KW for various material thicknesses and cleat heights. Our cleat welding machine is designed specifically for production of conveyor belts which made of TPE , PVC and PU.The welding extended to 1000mm one time. Endless joining and fabrications of various cleats, steps and sidewalls can be done easily by cleat welding machine. The cleat welding machine lower plate can also designed turnable to match different directions welding. Automatic high frequency adjusting system,squareness high frequency vibration box and high sensitive anti-sparkle device makes the welding result precision, durability and strength.

The cleat welding machine can be used for weld running belt, conveyor belt, t-cleats, sidewalls, leads, steps.

How much do you know about cleat welding machine?

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