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What Should Pay Attention to In The Daily Inspection of Belt Slitting Machine?

Jul. 04, 2018

Honglong is a belt slitting machine factory. Whether the belt  slitting machine is in good condition requires not only daily maintenance and  maintenance of the air cooled press machine, but also daily  inspection 

of the conveyor belt.

Firstly, you should inspection of the conveyor belt is carried out  every day. The inspection contents are as follows:

1. Whether the conveyor belt and the joint part are abnormal;  

2. The conveyor has damage caused by cutting, cracking, penetrating  injury and other causes;

3. Is there any interlayer peeling damage occurs, especially at the  joint;

4. Whether the core has a broken part;

5. Whether the upper and lower covers are worn, especially the upper  cover rubber, and check whether the coal shield contacts the surface of the  conveyor belt; Whether the belt has half wear;

7. Whether the belt is worn on both sides.

Secondly, check the belt wear of belt  slitting machine amount once a week, and the inspection  point should be a certain distance from the joint. Then, the operation of the  conveyor belt should be checked once a week.

Like air cooled press machine, inspection contents are as follows:

1. Whether the conveyor belt and the bracket are worn due to the  deviation of the conveyor belt;

2. Whether the material is eccentric;

3. between the rollers Whether the conveyor belt sag is normal;  

4. Whether there is any overflow of the material on the conveyor belt  due to the excessive spacing of the rollers;

5. Whether the conveyor belt has wrinkles and sagging;  

6. Whether the conveyor belt slips on the driving  roller.

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