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Let's learn about the belt joint machine

Mar. 22, 2018

There are some details about our belt joint machine:

1. The belt joint machine has light weight; About one person can move it. It consists of the following components: Rack / Pressure Bracket, fastening device, sizing block, screw, nut, gasket, high-pressure hose, hydraulic test pump, thermal baffle, on the heating plate, secondary cable, electric cabinet, cables, down the heating plate, Suppress water bag.

2. The material of main machine components made of aluminum alloy, light weight, easy installation and removal, easy to handle.

3. Suppress water bag(its function is increase pressure) technology has reached international advanced level, the belt joint machine has following characters:

(1)Light weight, it is the 1/4 weight of the ordinary.

(2)Large expansion amplitude.

(3)Uniform pressure and the pressure can reach 3.0MPa.

(4)No water leakage and long life.

4. The electric cabinet can automatic rise temperature, automatic control temperature and calculate time.

belt joint machine

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