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How to use our belt finger puncher?

Apr. 26, 2018

1.Precision moving and punching, use guide rail, can move smooth and easy to control the punching position.

2.This finger punching machine can punching both single finger and double fingers, triple fingers. The finger punching machine makes it easy to cut finger-over-finger joints with a simple forward/backward movement of the belts.

3.Standard die blade size: 20*50mm, other dimension is optional: 10*80mm, 10*70mm, 10*80mm, 10*90mm, 20*80mm etc. Also have 2 type blade style for select, round blade and sharp blade.

4.Fixed belt and move, use pneumatic cylinder system.

Any other special requirements about finger cut machine, please freely to send inquiry to HOLO.

How to use our belt finger puncher?

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