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An introduction of belt cutting machine

Apr. 19, 2018

1. Belt cutting machine for sleeve rubber or polyurethane timing belts and ribbed multi V Poly-V and banded V-belts. The belt cutting machine must be positioned in a dry place protected from the rain with minimum space of: 3×3,5×2 (WxLxH in meters) and weight 250Kgs.

2. The belt cutting machine is delivered fully calibrated, allowing you to start cutting immediately after beeing sure the machine is well positioned.

3. The speed regulation will allow to vary the speed from 100 – 300 rpm. The machine has a digital read-out of the cutting width.

4. The belt cutting machine is designed to be connected to the 230/400Vac 50 Hz power supply. If the machine is supplied with the speed regulation (inverter inside), the connection is monophase 220 V, 50Hz (110 V for USA market). If the belt cutting machine is equipped with the inverter, you can adjust the speed with the potentiometer.

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An introduction of belt cutting machine

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