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Application Range Of Welding Machine

Sep. 14, 2018

The Welding Machine is mainly used for the welding and riveting of the automobile door panel, and the multi-point position is simultaneously hot-stamped and welded, and the welding shape is a circular shape, a square shape, a mesh shape and the like. We also manufacture: automotive door plate ultrasonic welding machine, car door plate hot-melt riveting machine, car door plate hot plate welding machine, CNC car door panel welding machine, car door panel hot-melt riveting spot welding machine, multi-station car door panel welding machine, single point Temperature control car door panel hot riveting machine, car door panel heat sealing machine and car door plate non-standard welding machine.

The High Frequency Welding Machine is designed for the welding of larger plastic parts such as PE, PP, nylon, acrylic, ABS, etc. It can be welded at the same time according to the customer's requirements to increase the productivity, and the watertight gas can be obtained after welding. Dense effect. After the car door welding machine has been trimmed and replaced, it can also be applied to musical instrument speakers, electrical products, car water tanks, plastic fuel tanks, fuel tanks, water bottles, oil pot special welding, bumpers, car dashboards, storage batteries, batteries, car taillights. , automobile intake pipe, washing machine plastic balance ring, washing drum, dishwasher water tank, plastic doors and windows, pharmaceutical containers and other plastic products and plastic packaging, PP toilet cover, PP plastic tray, PP plastic pallet, nut implant, Hot melt riveting point, LED lamp, plastic hot riveting, toy hole ball, body dew ball, round container, medical container, medical pipe fittings, plastic card board, steam iron, foot tub, building formwork, etc. And the combination of complex shapes and irregular products. The utility model has the advantages that the utility model has the advantages of wide application, solves the problem that the large-scale welding is difficult, and the welding is beautiful and convenient, the welding force is strong, the sealing property is good, the precision is high, and the quality is guaranteed.

Welding Machine

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