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Wide Application Of Vulcanization Hot-adhesive Method For Belt Vulcanizer In Tape

Nov. 30, 2018

Do you know the Application Of Vulcanization Hot-adhesive Method For Belt Vulcanizer In Tape?, How about is the hot-vulcanization repair technology of the belt and the construction standard? Now professional manufacturers of Belt Vulcanizer China will give you the answer.

For example, when a large old customer company communicates, the belt vulcanizer has a glue opener, or needs a joint, and has its own vulcanizing machine. Can it be used on site to help the construction? However, belt bonding vulcanization is a complicated process, the operation is complicated, and the technical requirements are high. It is recommended that the professional operation, due to the strength of the bonding, generally can reach 85%-90% of the overall strength, and the vulcanization heat bonding method is installed on the tape. Or extensive application in the maintenance process.

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