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Air Cooled Press Machine Maintenance

Jun. 07, 2018

The reason of poor cooling effect of air cooler and its treatment

The Air Cooled Press Machine has poor cooling effect for the following reasons: fouling on the inner wall of the finned tube; non-flow of the finned tube to block the medium; scaling of the fins; bending and deformation of the finned tube; fin lodging; wet air cooling or combined air cooling The finned tube fins are too closely spaced.

For the poor cooling effect such failures are mainly taken to remove the air cooler for cleaning or cleaning (chemical cleaning or physical cleaning), repair damaged fins and other methods to solve.

Air cooler maintenance includes what are the main contents:

1) Sweep the inspection tube box and tube bundle.

2) Replace corroded pipe box plugs, pipe box flange connection bolts, and plugs and flange gaskets.

3) Check the repair air ducts, shutters and water spraying facilities.

4) Deal with leaking pipes.

5) Verify safety accessories.

6) Replace the tube bundle as a whole.

7) Test the tube bundle.

8) Check repair of axial fan.

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Air Cooled Press Machine Maintenance

Air Cooled Press Machine Maintenance Air Cooled Press Machine Maintenance

Air Cooled Press Machine

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