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The Standard Features Of Profile Welding Machine

Oct. 08, 2018

Profile Welding Machine is intended to acquire required high quality specific profiles by welding platina components in various sizes based at input groups. For quick, dependable, quality outcomes are supplied under Honglong Industrial Machinery Guarantee.

Operating Procedure of this machine: The machine is static as well as the functioning component is swiped through driven conveyors. The motion of this component to be turned to H profile is offered by engine +gearbox.

The charging unit using hydraulic piston is offered in the computer system.

90º tipping procedure is employed to profile obtained from Welding Machine by tipping stands together with hydraulic piston.

The machine permits the usage of submerged arc welding system in parallel with all the brand dependent on the client.

The rate control system is triggered by charging, main instance (welding component ) and output .

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Profile Welding Machine

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