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Principle Of High Frequency Welding Machine

Oct. 12, 2018

Know the principle of welding, the screws should possess the necessary technical means to attain it. 

High Frequency Welding Machine is an electrical-mechanical method for welding. The welding equipment consists of a top notch Welding Machine along with a vented pipe forming equipment, the welded pipe mains describes the erw steel pipe. The welding system generally is composed of two components: a top notch generator along with a feeding apparatus. Its job is to generate high quality present and command it. The forming machine consists using a squeeze roller framework, and its purpose is to be a high-tech present. The molten part is extruded to remove the oxide coating and impurities on the surface of the steel sheet, so the steel sheet is totally melted into a single body. 

In addition, it is also named HF Welding Machine. If you want to know the more inforamtion, please contact us.

High Frequency Welding Machine

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